I’d like to start 2024 with something new, an online journal. I plan to share my personal take on my photography and travels. Hopefully this will give a more intimate framework for my images. I’ll be sharing the how, when, where and why about my photography.


This is a departure for me because I am an introvert. I do not participate on social media, but I do have friends and family who have supported and shared my journey as a photographer. 

I love to show my images to them and my clients. I’ve been fortunate to be published all over the world.


I have traveled with good friends and have always had the support of my lovely wife Leta for being part of my photography adventure. 


Where light begins and images never end

Here are some of my favorite images from 2023, let's go!


In October 2023 I headed up to the ancient Bristol cone pine Forest for some Milky Way photos of the Bristol cone pine trees. The image was taken from the patriarch Grove tree area. The image is one blue hour and one with the Milky Way stitch together. I use PhotoPills to line up the Milky Way with the tree. In October the core of the Milky Way is vertically. I could only see this between 10:30 and midnight. It all came together nicely.                                


This was a special photo of 2023. This is one of my first images when I just got my brand new Sony camera. A clearing storm from my home was great to see, I put my 70 to 200mm fired a few shots off. It was very nice to see a silhouette bird and the light  together.   

This image was taken on a photo trip during monsoon season last year at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. This is from Cape Royale. The light was dancing down in the canyon, Which turned out to be a beautiful sunset that night

This photo was taken in May with rain and fog in Yosemite Valley. I thought it would translate better in black and white.                                   

This is another ICM that I took in Yosemite last year in November. There’s an area that is burnt from recent fires and underneath the burnt trees is colorful new growth.

This image was taken in Yosemite Valley along the Merced river. The rain just let up and it brought in lots of fog along with the fall colors. It was very magical.             

On this morning along the Merced river in Yosemite the fog was amazing. I love the colors and the fog along the river in this picture. Very quiet and surreal.

The sunset from point Cape Royale was absolutely beautiful that night and in its grand light I turned around and saw the last warm light on this tree with the belt of Venus colors. It was a Very special evening.

During my time at the north rim of the Grand Canyon, there was a meteor shower going on that night. exploring and as I look for possibilities this night, I found this silhouette tree. I did get some meteors, but not in this picture.

I try to make it to Yosemite Valley in May of every year to do the dogwoods. This week while I was camping we had lots of rain and fog. This was taken from Tunnel view as the fog lifted and moved. I did a more intimate shot of bridal veil Falls. I converted it to black & white for I thought it would make it a much stronger image.

The same morning in May the fog from Tunnel view was dancing all over the valley floor and trees below. I absolutely fell in love this, and turned it to black & white.  

One of my favorite things to do in photography is to make large panoramic images. This image was taken from Cape Royale on the backside (east)as the sunset. The colors went off and it absolutely came together on this image. As I always say light is everything in a photo.

This image was taken in death valley in March 2023. It’s in an area south of Badwater that I always end up at. In March the Milky Way really doesn’t start coming up until about 3 to 5 in the morning. the Milky Way was slowly rising behind the mountain and all of a sudden to my surprise the moon starts smiling and showing up on the top of mountain when it all came together, I was very happy.  This was one image about 25 second exposure, the moon lit the foreground for that extra light.

Since I live so close to the eastern Sierras, I always try to be one of the first ones in the spring to head up to the Tioga Pass area when the roads open. This is an image for saddlebag lakes. That time of year the lake is mostly still frozen. The colors with the snow and the sunset was a treat. 

This was a very tricky hike to get to this spot at point imperial area of the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I had some hazy clouds and color that morning. Everything about this image, I think shows the magic of the Grand Canyon.

Alabama Hills is one of those fantastic places for photographers. This evening I shot the blue hour of boot arch, waited until later that night. Then I lined up the Milky Way. It’s a two image stitch and this was my outcome.  

The rain and fog in the Yosemite really brought out the power of the water at Yosemite Falls. I think the black & white processing works nice.          

Lightning on the north rim is something spectacularly to see during the monsoon season. After I took this image, I had to rush back my truck and wait out the storm. lightning can be very dangerous if you don’t pay attention.

One of my favorite lakes in the Sierra is Tanya lake. I love driving from my home 4 or 5 times a year to catch a sunrise.

November I was in Yosemite Valley. I’ve been going to this area for years. These trees are against some granite rocks over by the lodge,  the fall color I thought was very delightful and I like the composition.

In 2023 the Sierras got a massive amount of precipitation. The result in Yosemite Valley was amazing for the Merced river was overflowing everywhere. This is an image from Happy Isle

Wildcat falls in Yosemite is a hidden small waterfall that not too many people know about, every time I go there it surprises me. The light and the different flow of water is always changing. The black & white makes it very moody. 

In May 2023 I was in the Alabama Hills. The sunrise on lone Peak with sweet light was treat.  I used a 70 to 200 mm lens  for a close-up detail of the light on the peak.


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