My goal is to bring art into my photography through expressive images of nature. I like to produce images evoking a wide range of emotions from serene to moody. It is up to the visitors of my website, to decide how the images impact their emotions. It is my goal to create an emotional response from the viewer. I believe that is where image and art meet.


Kyle’s work has appeared in numerous National and International Publications. Such as:
National Geographic Travel, Sunset Magazine, Skiing Magazine, Alaska Airlines
Marketing Campaigns by companies such as:
Sierra Club & Audubon
Kyle’s work can be seen in art installations in commercial applications such as:
The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe
His work has been used for retail applications by numerous Calendar and Poster Companies and has been exhibited by a number of Art Galleries


My images have been created with a variety of film and digital formats. I started my photographic journey using Nikon 35mm, 4X5 Film,Pentax 6 x 7 and Fuji 6 x 17 panoramic cameras, Canon with tilt & shift lens.
I now shoot with  Sony Mirrrorless Cameras. I use a variety of  Sony lenses. . The transition to digital was a big learning curve for me, but I have not looked back. I now love the digital process.

I believe what is most important is the person behind the lens not your equipment.
Go out and create!